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Informationen / Hinweise zu Veranstaltungen, die von PANCH initiiert sind.

Informations / references regarding events initiated by PANCH.

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Honorarempfehlung Performance deutsch und französisch sowie Fair Art und Broschüre von PANCH


Be part of Performatch : contact performatch {a}
Performatch is a performance-game, where you get assigned to a performance-partner for a certain time period. Most likely s/he will be different from you in age/the performative approach/cultural background, the common ground being that both of you are interested in performance / the performative field. Starting off as pen friends, you can get to know each other, your understanding of performance / the performative, and your approach. The idea of Performatch is to learn from each other, by practical and/or theoretical exchange, and if the two of you want, via jamming, experimenting, rehearsing, helping-out, giving each other feedback, sharing, … maybe even collaborating. There’ll be Performatch-happenings, where the two of you will be invited, and are welcome to exhibit fragments or perform together.
There is only one rule: No hurry, it’s all about the process.
Please send the documentation of three of your former works within the performative field to performatch {a}


PANCH Resonanz in Sprache
(ort), Emmenbrücke (LU)
Donnerstag 10. Januar 2019, 18h


Samstag 9. März 2019