SO 13.1.2019 / 18.30 H
An Old New Year Talk by Ivan Isaev (Curator-in-residency)

In this session of The Dialogue, Ivan would like to reflect back at what all took place during the blind_spot in Basel. He may also connect it with the Moscow edition of blind_spot, that he had conceived earlier. He wishes to deliberate upon the notions of weak curating, coincidentality and synchronicity and talk about mumblecore through the mumblecore!
Description of platform blind_spot:
Platform blind_spot is a short term, soft and powerless institution that aims to develop the values of passivity, weakness, subtlety and deceleration through the means of contemporary art, cultural collectivism, mumblecore modality, and alternative economical relations.

THE DIALOGUE is an artist run, voluntary initiative to create a space for Practitioners of Arts to discuss their practice, concepts, dilemmas, engagements, excitement etc. etc. The platform encourages critique and discussions. All Art practitioners are welcome to propose an intervention / presentation. We do not believe is censorship. Diversity is welcome. The Dialogue is held every 3-4 weeks or as and when feasible.

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